AEC (UK) Layer Protocol v4.0 is here!

9 November 2015

For all of you asking when the AEC (UK) will release an update incorporating Uniclass 2015… it is now available from the Documents page.

Version 4.0 incorporates Uniclass 2015 into the layer naming conventions, and also adds best practice guidance to help you understand how to implement the various Uniclass tables. We have also included an updated and expanded version of our Table Zz (for non-physical or “CAD” elements). This is expanded from the original AEC (UK) table which has since been made available from the NBS website and includes items requested by our users across the UK.

AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocol update published!

19 June 2015

The AEC (UK) team is pleased to announce that its BIM protocol has been updated and is now available for free download from the Documents page: AEC(UK)BIMTechnologyProtocol-v2.1.

The updates represent changes to the protocols to bring it into line with current UK standards, and to ensure the focus is on implementation of those standards when using BIM authoring technology.  Chair of the AEC (UK) initiative, Nigel Davies, explains: “Our industry is changing rapidly. When the last revision of the BIM protocol was published, PAS1192-2 hadn’t even been released. We’ve re-worked the AEC (UK) BIM document to align with those workflows.”

Nigel is also keen to point out that it is not a competing document: “That’s important to understand, and the reason why we’ve renamed it ‘BIM Technology Protocol’. The AEC (UK) is here to provide practical guidance for adoption of the British Standards. You’ll see references to PAS1192 throughout. What we aim to do is to make those standards more accessible to the person in front of a PC, those who may not be involved with EIRs or the BIM strategy, to help them understand what they need to do with their models to be compliant.”

An update to the AEC (UK) Layer Naming is now in progress to align with Uniclass 2015 and should be available shortly.

Vectorworks users can now benefit from the AEC (UK) BIM approach!

22 October 2014

The AEC (UK) BIM Protocol For Nemetschek Vectorworks has been published! Now Vectorworks users can benefit from the coordinated approach offered by the AEC (UK) suite of documents, and implement the requirements of BS1192 and PAS1192 into their technical workflows.

The Vectorworks document, the main AEC (UK) protocols and other software-specific supplements can be downloaded free of charge from

Thanks go out to Steven Shorter, Martyn Horne and Olly Thomas for their collaborative efforts in compiling these guidelines and best practice advice.

AEC (UK) committee reconvenes for next phase of UK BIM adoption

19 September 2014

The AEC (UK) committee has announced their intentions to update and expand the AEC (UK) BIM documents in line with the initiatives that are taking place in the UK construction industry. The widespread adoption of the AEC (UK) work, an “off-the-shelf implementation of British Standards”, has demonstrated the need for their continued development, alongside and supporting BS1192-1, PAS1192-2 and now PAS1192-3 & BS1192-4.

Chair of the AEC (UK) committee, Nigel Davies, explains, “Our aim has always been to provide software-focussed application of the British Standards, and now more than ever, as BIM adoption becomes commonplace, a unified approach to digital authoring tools is increasingly important.” He continues, “The focus of BIM has moved on in even just the last two years since version 2 was published.” The AEC (UK) priority then was primarily directed at guidance for building consistent models, now it is far more concerned with interoperability and collaboration, a stance borne out by the publication of guides for Revit, AECOsim Building Designer, ArchiCAD and the forthcoming Vectorworks version, along with the appointment of ArchiCAD and IFC expert, Rob Jackson, to the committee.

The next phase of work will build on the integration with PAS1192-2, unreleased when the AEC (UK) documents were published initially. Highlights to expect include:

  • Interoperability considerations and guidance on model data structures for optimal exchange
  • Considerations for LOD and LOI for software-specific modelling workflows
  • Stage-based information requirements, mapped directly to in-built software properties and IFC classes

The committee believe that this new release will confirm the position of the AEC (UK) work in the UK. Davies is keen to point out that the AEC (UK) is not an alternative to the British Standards and key UK BIM documentation, but is intended to help implement them in the main BIM authoring tools. “Adopting BIM and the British Standards can be daunting. Our intention is that anyone sitting down in front of their computer ready to start ‘BIMming’ can follow this guidance and work to a proven formula for success, compliant with Level 2 BIM requirements.”

AEC (UK) Layer Protocols v4 underway

28 March 2013

Following hot on the heels of the publication of the AEC (UK) BIM Protocol For GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD v1.0, the AEC (UK) committee is now beginning work on an update to the Layer Standards. Now known as the AEC (UK) Layer Protocols, it brings the classifications up-to-date for the recently released Uniclass v2.

AEC (UK) BIM Protocols for GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD published

28 March 2013

Today sees the release of version 1 of the AEC (UK) BIM Protocols for GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD. The document and its supplementary checklists can be downloaded free of charge from

AEC (UK) chair, Nigel Davies, commented, “The ArchiCAD committee has done a great job with this first release, and we thank Rob Jackson and the rest of the team for their hard work compiling the protocols. It’s an important step in the profile of the AEC (UK) work, demonstrating that BIM is not based on one piece of software alone; it’s important people are able to choose the right tool for the right job, yet be assured that there is a consistent approach to sharing models and data between the tools of their trade. The AEC (UK) Protocols go a long way to providing that consistent, best practice working.”




AEC (UK) BIM Protocols v2.0 now available

7 September 2012

The latest version of the AEC (UK) BIM Protocols is now available for download from the Documents page.

Version 2.0 of the AEC (UK) BIM Protocol is a unification of the guidance provided by the previous documents, bringing workflows together in a single generic document which can be applied to any BIM-enabled project. The set of documents builds on the guidelines and frameworks defined by the UK standards documents, including BS1192:2007 and the forthcoming PAS1192-2:2012 alongside proven best practice procedures, providing a clear, concise path to implementation for BIM authoring software, such as Autodesk Revit and Bentley’s AECOsim Building Designer.

The AEC (UK) BIM Protocol v2.0 forms the “hub” of a complete software-based solution. Supplementary documents provide additional detail and enhancements required to implement these protocols using specific BIM authoring software:

A diagram showing the relationship of the supplements to the main document. The blue shapes represent the complete package for a company using Revit.

Nigel Davies, chair of the AEC (UK) initiative, comments, “The UK construction industry is moving through an exciting period of rapid change. The Government’s BIM strategy is affecting all of us, the private sector as well as public. We see this release of the AEC (UK) BIM Protocol as critical in helping cut through the often very technical wording of the Government’s BIM Task Group documents and British Standard procedures, allowing companies of any size to work in a coordinated and consistent manner with BIM.”


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