AEC (UK) Layer Protocols v4 underway

Following hot on the heels of the publication of the AEC (UK) BIM Protocol For GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD v1.0, the AEC (UK) committee is now beginning work on an update to the Layer Standards. Now known as the AEC (UK) Layer Protocols, it brings the classifications up-to-date for the recently released Uniclass v2.


16 Responses to AEC (UK) Layer Protocols v4 underway

  1. Russell Dewhurst says:

    Any update on the release date for AEC (UK) Layer Protocols v4??

  2. David H says:

    Has there been any progress with the Layer Protocols V4 since this update?

    • AEC (UK) Chair says:

      We’re working on the update for Uniclass 2015 right now, David. Should be published next month (July 2015).

  3. Tom says:

    Has this been published?

  4. Martin says:

    Has there been any progress on the Layer Protocols V4 ? – Just wondering whether they have been published yet – even in draft form, as we are currently starting the process of redefining a lot of our standards across AutoCAD / Revit to accommodate COBie / Uniclass 2 etc. We know this will be ongoing over the next couple of years as these new standards mature, but it would be good to at least start with draft that will be closer to the desired objective than where we are at present.

    Many thanks,

  5. Jonathon says:

    Progress on v4 with Uniclass2?

    • AEC (UK) Chair says:

      We are preparing a draft as we speak. The v4 document will then be put together at the start of November with an aim to being published before the end of the year.

      • Chris says:

        Any further news on the publication on AEC (UK) Layer Protocols v4?

      • AEC (UK) Chair says:

        We’re just waiting for the final release of Uniclass 2, then the updates will be published.

  6. John Evans says:

    Good to see this is happening. Hopefully this exercise will be aligned with Uniclass 2. Also, it would be helpful to develop a mapping process between this layer standard and the BIM apps’ categories to make import/export more seamless.

    How does this work with IFC?

    Does the AEC (UK) intend producing an AEC (UK) BIM protocol for IFC? or an AEC (UK) BIM protocol for COBie or an AEC (UK) protocol for BIM NBS Create?

    It seems to me that AEC (UK) very firmly fits into the ‘applied application’ side of BIM. So perhaps you should expand your horizons in this area somewhat. Whilst the BS1192:2007; PAS1192-2:2013, RIBA POW 2013 and others cover the ‘process’ side.

    BTW you need to update your tick logo to ‘Protocol’ from ‘Standard’.

  7. TIm Davies says:

    Here’s a few issues that I’ve found so far that you may be interested in:

    -Using the description as the alias makes some of the layer names very long
    -Underscores have to be used instead of the dashes to comply with BS1192
    -BS1192 recommends using Elements tables, but that doesn’t allow for a very granular level of identification. E.g. Hot and cold water systems are classified together. I’ve used the Systems table to get around this
    -Table Z for Uniclass2 has been released yet

    • Tim Davies says:

      *Last line should read “Table Z for Uniclass2 has NOT been released yet”

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