Download templates, libraries and other AEC (UK) CAD/BIM content from here.

AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocol additional content for Autodesk Revit

AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocol additional content for Bentley Building











28 Responses to Downloads

  1. Any news on Revit Templates, AutoCAD Layer samples?

    • AEC (UK) Chair says:

      It’s on hold at the moment due to pressures of day jobs from our team of voluntary contributors. If you were willing to lend a hand perhaps…?

      • Andy says:

        I would be willing to spend some lunch/after work hours, what do you need?

      • Gary Barley says:

        Guys, I’m also willing to lend a hand as and when required…

      • Michael says:

        I recently produced a txt file for converting our structural objects to Uniclass2015 layers when exported. You’re welcome to it if you want.

  2. Bogdan says:

    Hi, any estimation on when “AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocol additional content for Autodesk Revit” will be available?
    Thank you!

  3. Hi there,

    At the risk of sounding like broken record any ETA on the Revit templates being available for download? It has always been a great reference guide to me & I am definitely experiencing withdrawal symptoms. 🙂

  4. Kim Thomas says:

    When will the CAD naming strategy be available as an excel spreadsheet or better still
    a Bentley dgnlib?

  5. Alan Lucas says:

    I’m very new to the world of BIM, so forgive me if I have misconstrued something that is stated in the new Protocol. I am confused by one statement, which I would like clarifying, if possible. The penultimate bullet point of Clause 7.5 reads “Switching between Imperial / Metric units shall be avoided where possible in order to maintain proper or conventional measurements, such as 50mm rather than 50.8mm.” To my mind there is no mention of Imperial measurement here. There is also no switch. 50mm and 50.8mm are both metric measurements. Or am I missing something blindingly obvious? Apologies if I am. I’m currently at the lower end of the steep part on the learning curve! Many thanks for your patience/clarification.

    • Andy says:

      50.8mm is 2 inches. What the AEC protocol is getting at is that if you converted an imperial family to metric, any sizes, say for instance a pipe, would change from 2 inches to 50.8mm in the new metric family. where as in a metric family the pipe would be set at 50mm

    • Dave says:

      50.8mm is exactly 2″ divided by 25.4 (conversion factor for inches to mm), I think this is where the reference to imperial has come from. But pedantically you are correct.

    • Simon Bannister says:

      Hi Alan. I think the point is that 2″ = 50.8mm. This would be rounded up to 51mm if you didn’t have your dimension units set to have at least 1 decimal place. It therefore follows that if something is done in imperial units, it should stay that way, and vice-versa for metric. This would prevent a cumulative error from building up from the rounding.

  6. Hulk Jackson says:

    Hello. Thank you for this service of providing templates, although I am a little confused with the context of updates here. Have you provided templates in the past for older versions? The comments below seem to suggest you have. If so, are these available for download anywhere? As for the updated templates, do you have an expected date for download of these?

    Thanks in advance

  7. When will the Revit project templates be available again?

  8. Rob Cross says:

    For every Autodesk update/release in Revit an new template should be create using the released Autodesk Template. I wouldn’t do a save as and upgrade from the AEC (UK) 2011 Revit Template to 2012,2013,2014,2015. This workflow could lead for Revit file errors.

  9. Chrisian says:

    Hi, Would it be possible to have the AEC (UK) Lyering Standards available as an excel spreadsheet? This would make searching layer names easier than referencing a pdf document!

  10. John says:

    I’ve found the AEC guide very useful myself, has there been any further templates created for newer versions for Revit 2013 or 2014?

  11. Colin Webber says:

    Will there be an updated template that reflects V2.0 BIM Standards for Revit?

  12. Harps Degon says:

    where can i find the template for 2013

    • AEC (UK) Chair says:

      It’s currently a work in progress. Please watch this space for details when we have prepared and released them.

  13. Giulio says:

    Is there a shared parameters file? I see there are some shared parameters but I cannot modify them unless I recreate a file. Would be good to include it!

    • Giulio says:

      In fact there some tags/annotation families like the elevation ones which seem to have shared parameters or I am wrong?

      • Sean says:

        Transfer/Export the template “Shared parameters” to your own project parameter file. Then open up the families and “link” the parameters.

  14. Fernando Ribeiro says:

    Any change to have the Revit template in older versions 2009, 2010?

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