AEC (UK) Committee to reconvene

You’ll be pleased to hear that the AEC (UK) committee is getting back together on the 18th May. We’ve joined forces with the Revit User Group UK to begin work on the AEC (UK) BIM Standards documentation. We’ll keep you up-to-date with developments as they occur, but in short, this looks like a very positive step forward for BIM standards in the UK.

We won’t be publishing any white papers on what BIM is, or what it means to the industry; we’ll be putting together practical standards which anyone should be able to use. File naming, object naming, how to split models up and solutions for exchanging information are all subjects we intend to cover. As usual with the AEC, this will be a standard produced by those people actually working on these issues.

Keep an eye on this site for more news shortly.


2 Responses to AEC (UK) Committee to reconvene

  1. Andy Zhang says:

    If the joined forces are more than Revit user group, that would be better and should be the way to go. There more and better BIM software, such as ArchiCAD, etc.

    • AEC (UK) Chair says:

      That is true, and exactly how the committee has been put together and why the CAD Standards work was so successful. It’s not about platform, but we are ensuring we have expert users from a number of different systems.

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